List With An Agent

 1. The market conditions have changed since you bought your home. Sometimes conditions will be in your favor, and sometimes you may be disappointed with the current market. Regardless of what you discover, one of our preferred agents can create a realistic plan for selling your home.

Once we receive your homes information, the agent will look at recent comparable sales (known as “comps”) in your neighborhood. Your agent will look at homes with comparable square footage, the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and a similar level of amenities.  Another important factor is your homes condition. For example: A home with newer upgrades, heating and cooling system or new roof will sell for more than a home in need of repairs.

2.  You will need to know what you owe on the mortgage. If you don’t know yet,  there is no need to worry. Before meeting a listing agent collect the following information: the original loan amount, interest rate and downpayment. He will be able to get a close approximate number to help you understand your situation and build a sales strategy that will suit your needs.



3.  Let the realtor know any major issues with the house such as maintenance issues, liens, foreclosure, or anything else which make the home more challenging to find the perfect buyer. Our agents are trained on issues like liens and property disputes so you will get the right help you need. 4.   While it’s tempting to add value to your home ahead of listing, it’s better to hold off on improvements until your sales strategy is in place.  This will ensure that you don’t spend any extra money on unnecessary improvements which could detract from your profits. Our agents will be able to offer you an experienced perspective on your specific home and develop a plan to get you the most money possible.  The agent will help you stick to what’s necessary and keep you from making choices that are specific to your tastes, which may not appeal to potential buyers. If you have recently made updates to your home, share these with your agent.  These items can be highlighted for the sales process to make your home more attractive to buyers.